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A hierarchical listing of public pages published on the Encapsule Project website.
MIT-licensed tools, libraries, and infrastructure for Node.js & HTML builders.
Links to Encapsule Project npm distribution packages, and source code repositories on GitHub
Encapsule Project packages, libraries, and tools reference documentation.
Documentation for holism application server package for Node.js.
Details about how to contruct a Holism application server instance.
Details about defining your base application model with integration filters.
Details about functionally extensing Holism with service filters.
Details about serving static app data and media with Holism.
Discussion about Holism state data and functional concern separation model.
Documentation for holistic application model and runtime extensions for holism app server.
Documentation for hrequest filtered HTTP request package.
Documentation for the ARCcore data modeling and processing runtime libraries package.
ARCcore.identifier is a JavaScript library for creating UUID's and Murmur3-derived digest hashes.
ARCcore.identifier library API reference.
ARCcore.identifier library examples.
ARCcore.graph is a JavaScript library for constructing and processing in-memory directed graph databases.
Developer documentation for ARCcore.graph DirectedGraph container class.
ARCcore.graph DirectedGraph vertex methods documentation.
ARCcore.graph DirectedGraph edge methods documentation.
ARCcore.graph DirectedGraph container methods documentation.
ARCcore.graph DirectedGraph API standard parameter objects.
ARCcore.graph DirectedGraph serialization & deserialization reference.
Developer documentation for ARCcore.graph bundled algorithms.
ARCcore.graph.DirectedGraph transpose tranformation algorithm.
ARCcore.graph.DirectedGraph breadth-first visit/search traversal algorithm.
ARCcore.graph.DirectedGraph depth-first visit/search traversal algorithm.
Initializing and controlling traversal algorithm state.
ARCcore.graph library examples.
ARCcore.filter provides automated data message validation and normalization using declarative filter specifications.
ARCcore.filter library API reference.
ARCcore.filter input/output specification object format reference.
ARCcore.filter library interactive example.
ARCcore.discriminator provides automated message routing to 1:N filters based on message signature analysis.
ARCcore.discriminator library API reference.
ARCcore.discriminator library examples.
ARCcore.types is a JavaScript library for identifying and converting JavaScript and JSON types.
ARCcore.types library API reference.
ARCcore.types library examples.
ARCcore.util contains low-level JavaScript utility and helper functions.
ARCcore.util library API reference.
ARCcore.util library examples.
Design and implementation notes.
A brief overview of the design and implementation process used to develop this web application.
Notes about early effort to decide how best to document this work.
A quick note about designing SVG icons for Encapsule.io with the inkscape application.
A test and example of integrating D3js data visualizations into this website.
Hierarchical sitemap of public pages on the Encpsule.io website.
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