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Just For Fun: Building SVG Icons With inkscape
The inkscape SVG editor application is really cool!

I created the "blue burst" icon as an SVG while exploring the amazing application inkscape.

Initially I was just screwing around. But later, I decided I really liked the look. So, I dove into inkscape and created a small collection of similar icons to badge Encapsule packages and libraries.

SVG has been around forever and is a mature and stable text file format. Besides being scalable, SVG is generally quite small when compared with a JPG or PNG which makes it attractive for use where size matter (so always). Also, support is solid (and quite fast) with all the major browser vendors providing out-of-the-box rendering of UTF8-encoded SVG text returned by your sever with the Content-Type: image/svg+xml header.

Recently, I decided to test out the scaling performance on this site and added the background image you see behind all pages now. Cool! Icon SVG

Note that all of these images are built up from twisted and warped hexagons.

Holism App Server Icon SVG


Holistic App Model & Extension Icon SVG


Hrequest HTTP Filter Icon SVG


ARCcore Data Run-time Icon SVG


ARCcore.util Library Icon SVG


ARCcore.types Library Icon SVG


ARCcore.identifier Library Icon SVG


ARCcore.graph Library Icon SVG


ARCcore.filter Library Icon SVG


ARCcore.discriminator Library Icon SVG


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