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App Design Process
App Design Process
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High-Level Process Overview
Overview of building a web app w/Holism app server.

Here is a very brief overview of the process used to create the web application you are interacting with currently.

The JavaScript source code for this application is available on GitHub: Encapsule/polytely


  • Define HTTP endpoints with JSON.
  • Model HTTP endpoint data I/O with JSON.
  • Implement custom HTTP services as simple JavaScript functions using a software factory.
  • Reuse HTTP services implemented by Encapsule Project and others for functions such as:
    • user profile management
    • user identity management
    • user authorization
    • user session management
    • database/NoSQL integration
    • UX rendering integration (e.g. React)
  • Define your application service architecture in JSON:
    • Bind reusable to HTTP services to HTTP method/pathname (aka 'route') with JSON (typically 1:N relationship between HTTP service & N 'routes').
    • Bind static file resources (e.g. JavaScript prepared w/webpack) to HTTP method/pathname with JSON.


Pass application config JSON plus function references to a software factory responsible for integrating your application run-time image:

  • Error check all the input JSON.
  • Synthesize new internal / intermediate message format constraint JSON.
  • Build all the HTTP server plumbing on top of Node.js HTTP request and response streams.
  • Wire everything together using generic data-driven message validation/routing logic.
  • Returns an application server object with method listen.


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