Holistic Package Documentation
Holistic Application Model & Integrations for Holism
Encapsule Holistic application model and holism runtime integrations for Redis & React.
Package Distribution: holistic (MIT) / Package Source: Encapsule/holistic (MIT)

Holistic Package Overview

2017.04.16 Under Construction

The Encapsule/holistic git repository on GitHub is currently empty pending a refactoring of this application into a set of reference feature extensions for the Holism application server package. Once this refactoring occurs, it will be quite simple for others to re-use the features developed for this specific application in other applications derived from Holism.

The source for this application is published on GitHub at https://github.com/Encapsule/polytely.

Prior to v1 release, the following features will be extract from polytely and migrated into Encapsule/holistic so that others can easily leverage them in their own applications:

  • User and session management integration filters Redis
  • Server HTML rendering integration filter for React.
  • An evolving content management system based on ARCcore.graph library.

Holistic Package Documents

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