ARCcore.types Library Documentation
ARCcore.types Library Documentation
ARCcore.types library provides functions for identifying and validating the type of in-memory JavaScript values.

types Library Introduction

ARCcore.types is a small utility library that provides a standard set of functions used by the other libraries bundled in the ARCcore package for JavaScript data type introspection and checking. In particular ARCcore.filter relies heavily on this library. Typically you will not need to use types if you're using the filter library.

ARCcore.types Exports

$ node
> const arccore = require('arccore');
> arccore.types
{ codes:
   { __undefined: 0,
     __null: 1,
     __boolean: 2,
     __string: 3,
     __number: 4,
     __object: 5,
     __array: 6,
     __function: 7,
     __GUARD: 8 },
  convert: [Function: t],
  check: { inTypeSet: [Function], isJSON: [Function] } }

types Library Details

API - ARCcore.types Library API Reference
ARCcore.types library API reference.
Examples - ARCcore.types Library Examples
ARCcore.types library examples.
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