ARCcore.filter Library Interactive Example
ARCcore.filter Interactive Example
A simple interactive simulator used to demonstrate and teach people how to configure and use ARCcore.filter.

This is an interactive demo and simulation of the ARCcore.filter library.

Changing any of the form inputs below will immediately re-evaluate the simulation and update the results (or errors).

Filter Factory

A filter object instance is contructed by calling factory function ARCcore.filter.create.

Operation ID

Operation Name

Operation Description

Input Filter Spec (JSON)

Specify no input filter specification (undefined) and accept any request regardless of type and value.

Body Function

Pass the `request` through to `response.result` without modification. Note that this is filter's default behavior if bodyFunction is not specified.
function bodyFunction(request) {
    return {
      error: null,
      result: request

OutputFilter Spec (JSON)

Specify no output filter spec (undefined) to accept any result regardless of type and value.

Filter Factory Output Response (JSON)

Filter instance constructed! Note that method request is not shown in serialized JSON below.

    "error": null,
    "result": null

Filter Runtime

Filter Input Request Data (JSON)

Set the filter request to value `undefined`.

Filter Output Response Data (JSON)

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