ARCcore Package Documentation
ARCcore Run-time Libraries Package
The ARCcore package aggregates JavaScript run-time libraries for building data-driven web apps.
Package Distribution: arccore (MIT) / Package Source: Encapsule/ARCcore (MIT)

ARCcore Package Overview

The ARCcore package is the core run-time of a larger and as-yet-to-be revealed project called Addressable Resource Class (ARC) that is intended to define a new standard for local and remote software subsystem communications based on a virtual message bus architecture and a run-time powered by semantic software routers.

Purpose-built and backed by thousands of tests to support the ARC project, the ARCcore package bundles a collection of JavaScript libraries that provide data and process modeling, data run-time processing and routing functions, and a number of lower-level utility functions that are useful for building libraries, tools, and advanced data-driven web applications in JavaScript.

For example, the new Holism application server and its companion application model and integrations package, Holistic, derive predominantly from ARCcore and make heavy use of its bundled graph and filter libraries.

ARCcore package libraries are pure JavaScript and can be used directly in Node.js server applications. And, in browser client applications (e.g. via webpack).


If you're developing an ARCcore-derived application, take a run-time dependency on the ARCcore package:

$ npm install arccore --save

If you're developing an ARCcore-derived library, you should instead modify your package.json to declare a peer dependency on the ARCcore package.

ARCcore Exports

Here's a quick look at what's included in the ARCcore package.

$ node
> var arccore = require('arccore');
> arccore
{ __meta:
   { name: 'arccore',
     version: '0.0.17',
     codename: 'kestrel (pre-release)',
     author: 'Encapsule',
     buildID: 'N5QokcMISJuT8nY-os-q-A' },
   { murmurhash_js: { [Function: i] murmur3: [Circular], murmur2: [Function: r] },
      { [Function: c]
        v1: [Function: l],
        v4: [Circular],
        parse: [Function: a],
        unparse: [Function: u],
        BufferClass: [Object],
        _rng: [Function],
        _mathRNG: undefined,
        _nodeRNG: [Function],
        _whatwgRNG: undefined } },
  discriminator: { create: [Function] },
  filter: { create: [Function] },
   { directed:
      { create: [Function: a],
        transpose: [Function],
        breadthFirstTraverse: [Function],
        depthFirstTraverse: [Function],
        colors: [Object],
        createTraversalContext: [Function] } },
   { hash:
      { fromUTF8: [Function],
        fromReference: [Function],
        toIRUT: [Function] },
      { fromEther: [Function],
        fromReference: [Function],
        isIRUT: [Function] } },
   { codes:
      { __undefined: 0,
        __null: 1,
        __boolean: 2,
        __string: 3,
        __number: 4,
        __object: 5,
        __array: 6,
        __function: 7,
        __GUARD: 8 },
     convert: [Function: t],
     check: { inTypeSet: [Function], isJSON: [Function] } },
   { deepCopy: [Function],
     clone: [Function],
     dictionaryLength: [Function],
     getEpochTime: [Function] } }

ARCcore Package Documents

identifier - ARCcore.identifier Library Documentation
ARCcore.identifier is a JavaScript library for creating UUID's and Murmur3-derived digest hashes.
API - ARCcore.identifier library API reference.
Examples - ARCcore.identifier library examples.
graph - ARCcore.graph Library Documentation
ARCcore.graph is a JavaScript library for constructing and processing in-memory directed graph databases.
DirectedGraph - Developer documentation for ARCcore.graph DirectedGraph container class.
Algorithms - Developer documentation for ARCcore.graph bundled algorithms.
Examples - ARCcore.graph library examples.
filter - ARCcore.filter Library Documentation
ARCcore.filter provides automated data message validation and normalization using declarative filter specifications.
API - ARCcore.filter library API reference.
Architecture - ARCcore.filter architecture reference.
Specifications - ARCcore.filter input/output specification object format reference.
Examples - ARCcore.filter library interactive example.
discriminator - ARCcore.discriminator Library Documentation
ARCcore.discriminator provides automated message routing to 1:N filters based on message signature analysis.
API - ARCcore.discriminator library API reference.
Examples - ARCcore.discriminator library examples.
types - ARCcore.types Library Documentation
ARCcore.types is a JavaScript library for identifying and converting JavaScript and JSON types.
API - ARCcore.types library API reference.
Examples - ARCcore.types library examples.
util - ARCcore.util Library Documentation
ARCcore.util contains low-level JavaScript utility and helper functions.
API - ARCcore.util library API reference.
Examples - ARCcore.util library examples.
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