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MIT-licensed tools, libraries, and infrastructure for Node.js & HTML5 builders.

Welcome to Encapsule Project - Libraries & tools for building Node.js/HTML5 apps & services with declarative models & reusable JavaScript plug-ins.


This website is a demonstration of a new application server and REST framework codenamed Holism build on top of the Node.js HTTP API.

Holism implements a plug-in architecture that routes HTTP requests through a series of developer-defined ARCcore.filter objects that implement application-specific functions. Filter objects use JSON-encoded message schemas called filter specifications to define API contracts that are enforced generically by the run-time.

Current builds of this application leverage Holism services (filter plug-ins) that manage HTML document rendering via Facebook's React library , user profile and session management via RedisLab's Redis noSQL store, and an evolving content management system based on ARCcore.graph.

Project Status

The Holism application server project started in late November, 2016 and become minimally viable in February, 2017.

In early March, 2017 Encapsule.io (this site) was converted to a Holism-derived application replacing Express and 3rd-party middleware packages with ARCcore.filter-derived plug-ins and JSON configuration files.

Current work is focused on completing the developer documentation, and preparing the Holism (server), Holistic (re-usable plug-in features), and ARCcore (data modeling and processing runtime) packages for v1 release.

News Items

  • May, 2017: To make it simpler for people to learn how to read and write filter specifications an interactive filter demo and examples app is now online.
  • May, 2017: I gave a short talk to 150 JavaScript developers at the SeattleJS Meetup introducing ARCcore.filter. My presentation deck is available here.
  • Apr, 2017: Documentation for ARCcore.filter and ARCcore.graph were published here. Additionally, the stand-alone version of ARCcore.graph, jsgraph, was published replacing the old markdown documentation with links to the re-written docs posted on this site. The latest version of jsgraph is v0.7.1.


Please follow @Encapsule on Twitter for announcements.

Comments & Questions

Tweet @Encapsule or join the Encapsule chat room on Discord.

Alternately, e-mail cdr at encapsule.io if there's something I can help you with directly.

Thank you for your interest!


Code - Encapsule Project Source Code & Distribution Packages
Links to Encapsule Project npm distribution packages, and source code repositories on GitHub
Documentation - Encapsule Project Documentation
Encapsule Project packages, libraries, and tools reference documentation.
Holism - Documentation for holism application server package for Node.js.
Holistic - Documentation for holistic application model and runtime extensions for holism app server.
Hrequest - Documentation for hrequest filtered HTTP request package.
ARCcore - Documentation for the ARCcore data modeling and processing runtime libraries package.
Notes - Design Notes
Design and implementation notes.
App Design Process - A brief overview of the design and implementation process used to develop this web application.
Docs Feature Part #1 - Notes about early effort to decide how best to document this work.
SVG Icons - A quick note about designing SVG icons for Encapsule.io with the inkscape application.
D3js Examples - A test and example of integrating D3js data visualizations into this website.
Sitemap - Encapsule Project Sitemap
Hierarchical sitemap of public pages on the Encpsule.io website.
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